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When selecting wire and cable, being informed about industry terms is  valuable knowledge.  Below is a list of abbreviations used in the Wire and Cable industry and a Standard Military Jacket Color Chart.

Material Codes for Wire & Cable
Wire Code Insulation Code
AL aluminum wire ALMYLAR aluminum mylar tape
BC bare copper CFEP cellular fluorinated ethylene-propylene
BCW 40% conductivity bare copper covered steel condition hard CPE cellular polyethylene
NPC 7% nickel plated copper FEP fluorinated ethylene-propylene
OFHC oxygene free high conductivity FRPE flame retardant polyethylene
SPC silver plated copper FRPU flame retardant polyurethane
SPCB silver plated cadmium bronze HALAR Allied™
SPCC silver plated cadmium copper KYNAR
polyvinylidene fluoride
SPCW 40% conductivity silver plated copper covered steel, hard N nylon
SPCWA 40% conductivity silver plated copper covered steel PE polyethylene
SPTF silver plated tensile-flex™ PFA Dupont™
TPC tinned copper PP polypropylene
                      ™Tensile-Flex International Wire
PU polyurethane
PVCpolyvinyl chloride

Standard Military Color Code


Color Chart

0 Black
1 Brown
2 Red
3 Orange
4 Yellow
5 Green
6 Blue
7 Violet
8 Gray
9 White
(xxx) Special colors
consult factory
SSPE semi-solid polyethylene
ethylene tetrafluoroethylene
PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene
TTFE polytetrafluoroethylene tape
NOTE:  Many other modified styles available.  Most cables are available in various colors and dual shielding, please contact us.

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